Journal papers
Journal papers
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    • H. Feng, S. Min, Y. Huang, Z. Gan, C. Liang, W. Li*, and Y. Chen*, "Concentric gradient nanoplasmonic sensors for detecting tumor-derived extracellular vesicles," Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, (2023).

    • W. Kong, H. Feng, X. Qian, Y. Chen, M. Deng, P. Zhang, W. Li, W. Bu, W. Xu, W. Jin, Y. Huang, J. Chu, S. Wu, Y. Chen*, and Y. Men*, "Facile and scalable generation of fluorescent microspheres using a microfluidic electrojetting device," Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 378, 133106 (2023).

    • J. Chen, G. Oudeng, H. Feng, S. Liu, H.-W. Li, Y.-P. Ho, Y. Chen*, Y. Tan*, and M. Yang*, "2D MOF Nanosensor-Integrated Digital Droplet Microfluidic Flow Cytometry for In Situ Detection of Multiple miRNAs in Single CTC Cells," Small 18, 2201779 (2022).

    • J. Zhao, S. Xuan, K. Chen, C. Redshaw, Y. Chen*, and Z. Jin*, "Highly selective recognition of the Al(ClO4)3 molecule by a mono-pyrene substituted thiacalix[4]arene chemosensor," Chemical Communications 58, 6112-6115 (2022).

    • F. Shen, Y. Yu, Y. Li, H. Feng, T. Wu, and Y. Chen*, "Microscale magnetic field modulation using rapidly patterned soft magnetic microstructures," RSC Advances 11, 34660-34668 (2021).

    • Z. Liu*, Y. Huang, W. Liang, J. Bai, H. Feng, Z. Fang, G. Tian, Y. Zhu, H. Zhang, Y. Wang, A. Liu*, and Y. Chen*, "Cascaded filter deterministic lateral displacement microchips for isolation and molecular analysis of circulating tumor cells and fusion cells," Lab on a Chip 21, 2881-2891 (2021).

    • B. Jiang, B. Huang, G. Cai, Y. Chen*, and T. Wu*, "Facile and highly efficient loading and freezing of cryoprotectants for oocyte vitrification based on planar microfluidics," Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 25, 63 (2021).

    • H. Feng, L. Liu, Y. Chen, W. Shu, Y. Huang, B. Zhang, T. Wu, Z. Jin*, and Y. Chen*, "A compact fiber-integrated optofluidic platform for highly specific microRNA Förster resonance energy transfer detection," Analyst 146, 4454-4460 (2021).

    • B. Zhang, H. Xu, Y. Huang, W. Shu, H. Feng, J. Cai*, J. F. Zhong*, and Y. Chen*, "Improving single-cell transcriptome sequencing efficiency with a microfluidic phase-switch device," Analyst 144, 7185-7191 (2019).

    • J. Wang, K. Deng, C. Zhou, Z. Fang, C. Meyer, K. U.-A. Deshpande, Z. Li, X. Mi, Q. Luo, B. D. Hammock, C. Tan*, Y. Chen*, and T. Pan*, "Microfluidic cap-to-dispense (μCD): a universal microfluidic–robotic interface for automated pipette-free high-precision liquid handling," Lab on a Chip 19, 3405-3415 (2019).

    • Y. Chen, J. Millstein, Y. Liu, G. Y. Chen, X. Chen, A. Stucky, C. Qu, J. Fan, X. Chang, A. Soleimany, K. Wang, J. Zhong, J. Liu, F. D. Gilliland, Z. Li, X. Zhang, and J. F. Zhong, "Single-Cell Digital Lysates Generated by Phase-Switch Microfluidic Device Reveal Transcriptome Perturbation of Cell Cycle," ACS Nano, 12(5), 4687-4694 (2018).

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